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The 5 Day Vegan

A deliciously simple meal plan that you can actually commit to.  
20 Mouth-Watering Breakfasts

Delicious and downright enjoyable.

20 Delicious Lunches

Packed with nutrition to supercharge your mind and body.

20 Satisfying Dinners

Comfort food that let's you stay ripped year-round.

Less Ingredients, Easy Prep

Simple recipes with just a few ingredients.

Food You'll Actually
Look Forward To

Getting in the best shape of your life and unlocking heightened performance means owning your diet. Too many meal plans try and force you to eat bland foods or require that you to find expensive ingredients that can only be found in an obscure health food store. That's why we designed The 5 Day Vegan to work with the grain of human nature. The key to getting all the nutrition you need and the results you want is by committing to a meal plan that you profoundly enjoy. When healthy, plant-based food is actually delicious that's when making the right choices becomes automatic.

Exclusive Recipes


Better For You
In Every Way

If you're looking to increase your energy, sharpen your focus, and enhance your productivity then look no further. Whether you're looking to improve your performance at work, in the gym, on the field or at home, a plant-based diet has your back. Why? Because aside from improving your lifespan and reducing chances of chronic disease, plant-based diets improve your blood flow, make your muscles more efficient, and lower inflammation. Not only that, but plant-based diets are significantly better for the environment. If you could get a better body and help save the planet by eating delicious food why wouldn't you? Exactly.


"I absolutely love that the nutrition plan offers flexibility on weekends. Made embracing a plant-based lifestyle feel a lot easier to stick to for someone just starting out. Even my Dad got into it after he tried the smoothie bowl."

-Neraj M.

2 AUG 2020, 12:21

"Starting a plant-based diet felt super intimidating and I had no idea where to start. These meal plans made it easy. No one can say I'm not getting enough protein because my strength has actually improved and I'm more cut than ever."

- Thomas S.

15 AUG 2020, 14:42

"I'd been wanting to try a vegan diet for a while after seeing the documentary "The Game Changers" and realizing how many high-performing athletes are plant-based. The 5 Day Vegan has changed my lifestyle for the better.

- Mitch N.

21 AUG 2020, 13:12

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