Body Dojo Gymnastic Rings
Body Dojo Gymnastic Rings
Body Dojo Gymnastic Rings

Body Dojo Gymnastic Rings

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Workout On Your Own Terms 

If you are uninspired by those unsightly home pull-up bars that ruin the trim around your door frame, then the Body Dojo might be just what you are looking for. 

Easy Installation and High Portability

Body Dojo Gymnastic Rings are the perfect solution for those with limited space and who don’t have the engineering know-how to bolt a pull-up bar into wall studs or cement.  Gymnastic Rings are all-in-one body-toning solution allowing you to do calisthenics and bodyweight exercises in your home or outdoors. 

Sturdy and Adjustable

Gymnastic Rings are commercial-grade, and rock-solid sturdy giving every athlete the confidence they need to maximize range of motion and pursue more advanced body movements and focus fully on technique. 

Size 80 Specifications

  • Size 1: 28mm
  • Size 2: 32mm
  • Rope length: 4.5 meters

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