Foundation Yoga Blocks
Foundation Yoga Blocks

Foundation Yoga Blocks

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Find Better Alignment 

The Foundation Yoga block brings the earth to you, allowing you to modify stretches with confidence. Breath deeply and find comfort relieving stress from your body and mind. Forget a collapsing chest or rounded shoulders, the Foundation Yoga Block empowers you to find the full expression of yoga poses.

Free Your Body From Stress and Pain

The Foundation Yoga block is designed to alleviate tension from tight hips and knees to help prevent injury. Improved comfort provides support, allowing you to reach deeper states of relaxation. 

Activate Muscles 

The extra support the Foundation Yoga Block provides helps promote strength, flexibility, and balance allowing you to deepen your stretch and advance in your practice faster. 


Size: 23cm x 15cm x 7.5cm
Packaging Includes: High-Density Eva Foam Yoga Block

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