Repose Yoga Mat
Repose Yoga Mat

Repose Yoga Mat

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The Repose Yoga Mat helps you find tranquility whether you are in a home studio or beneath the open sky. 

Better Grip, Better Balance

Maintain composure with a textured grip and a non-slip material that absorbs moisture allowing you to focus on form and embrace stillness. 

Go Deeper, Respect Your Joints

Keep comfortable during even the most intense of flows with plush padding protecting your spine, hips, knees, and elbows from the hard floor beneath you. Extra protection empowers you to find deeper stretches and build flexibility. 

Always Pristine 

With an antimicrobial covering that prevents mildew, the Repose Yoga Mat will always feel pure beneath the soles of your feet. 

Find Peace Wherever You Go

A lightweight material and carrying straps makes finding inspiration in new environments easy. 


Size: 183cm x  61cm

Package: 1 x Yoga mat, 1 x carrying rope

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