Sensei Push Up Bars/ Parallettes

Sensei Push Up Bars/ Parallettes

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Intensify Workouts

Sensei Push Up Bars empower better form and warrior strength. The additional height from the earth that these push up bars provide allows for a deeper range of motion making exercises more difficult and gains more noteworthy. 

Save Your Joints

Ergonomically engineered for optimal wrist positioning. These push up bars significantly reduce the pressure placed on your wrists when performing push-ups enabling you to avoid injury. 

Sturdy Build For Powerful Movements

Harnessing the strength of triangles, these push-up bars are unshakable under the most advanced movements. With a 300kg payload, whether you are performing L-sits, planks, handstands, or incline push-ups, you can be sure that your focus will never be disturbed with the slightest vibration. The no-slip bottoms further ensure complete stability. The hardwood is sealed and wear-resistant ensuring that they are always a piece your eyes can be proud of.


Length: 40 Cm 

Height: 11 Cm

Base Width: 14 Cm

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